Mark Kiver Photography | About

I grew up in the Spokane area and have always been interested in the outdoors. From the solitude and adventurous spirit, to the overwhelming beauty, this is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. There is so much to experience in the wilds of nature and I love to capture what I see and feel. I seek out dramatic scenes with dynamic colors, lighting and sky. The skies are a key to a lot of what I like to photograph. It can really make or break an image. These images represent who I am.


While I prefer landscape and nature I do like to challenge myself with other styles. I find myself always pushing to improve my technique and learn something new. This has also allowed me to see places and learn about the past that I would not normally do.


My journeys take me to National and state parks, through cities and the countryside of rural America looking to capture photographs that preserve the beauty that I saw and felt at that moment. My hope is that my images evoke viewer’s emotions and draws them in, captivates them or just makes them think. Whether it makes them want to visit the place in the image or stirs up a memory from a past visit I strive to produce images that engage and inspire. Thank you for taking an interest in my photography and please contact me if you have any questions.

These images are not only a passion of mine but a very personal side of my life. I just hope my photos have inspired or affected you as they have me even if it is in just some small way. Thank you for spending your precious time to peak into my images and follow along with my Journey. Please feel free to share any of my images on social media and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest.